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cb cooke:
The images I show (and all of us for that matter) are untouched images. All the work is done in the camera. There is no Photoshop work at all. In addition, the sequences I show are all exactly as I shot them (with very few exceptions). I believe it's incredibly important to maintain the integrity of sequence in order to convey the experience.

cb cooke is an artist who focuses his energies on the integration of digital art and real world objects. His work includes interactive new media installations, mixed media painting, and web-based art. Digital and Film-based photography serves as the base for his artworks. His work has been exhibited at many venus including: Creative Time's Art In The Anchorage, Ricco-Maresca Gallery, and The Alternative Museum.

cb cooke's work can also be found on the web at:

cement truck from scopOphilic 01 hector from scopOphilic 04 mass stained glass  from a future scopOphilic

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