There are circumstances in which looking itself is a source of pleasure, just as, in the reverse formation, there is pleasure in being looked at. -- Laura Mulvey-Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema

scopOphilic - Monday's at 12:00am (Tuesday Morning) on Manhattan Public Access Channel 67

scopOphilic is a digital imagery collective produced, directed and conceived by cb cooke
is the finale for the on-air scopOphilic series. It will air Monday September 11, 2006 at 1am (Tuesday morning). The show brings back scopOphilic alumni: Roger Schulte, Bruce Morrow, Andie Montoya-Montes, Anthony Galante, & XAX XAX for a series of interstitial threes plus lots more wild imagery and political-social commentary. scopOphilic will be changing mediums so look out for new programming in the fall and coming years. (It will also be simulcast at 1am on

scopOphilic_034 21p's was censored by MNN
scopOphilic_034 - 21p's has been censored by MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Networks.) The conceptual episode deals with issues of aging and the frailty of the human body. The show clearly pushes the boundaries of conceptual art and falls into the Structuralist Cinema category (think Michael Snow, etc.) While being conceived the episode was never intended to be erotic or pornographic but subsequently it has been interpreted it that manner.

MNN states that scopOphilic episode 34 "21p's" is obscene and not art because "it shows contact with male genitalia and urination." They list both as violations of their Terms of Service in their programming guides. Yet they have in their mission statement that MNN is an "uncensored" environment. So they've interpreted the FCC's guidelines to include anything that presents touching of genitalia or urination as a violation regardless of the artistic merit. I believe this is an illegal and incorrect interpretation of the law especially for a show that airs at midnight.

Read the complete story here (password required-Fill out contact form for free access. Please note request for censorship access on comments field.)

scopOphilic is featured in Gay City News November 18-24, 2004 in an article by Andrew LaVallee

scopOphilic_040 celebrated five years on the air! check it out at midnight
Monday, September 20, 2004

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scopOphilic welcomes it's first guest star artist XAX. His episode scopOphilic_031-xax-O-philic will aired on Monday May 6, 2002. The following segments of scopOphilic can be viewed online for you enjoyment:
Episode 013 - Glyph Sunset
Episode 029 - WTC
Episode 040-5 Year Anniversary

The images shown on scopOphilic were created using an Apple Quicktake 200 and Fuji FinePix 401 digital cameras. The program is sequenced on Apple Macintosh computers using Macromedia Director or JPEGView software and output directly to videotape. The titles were created with Adobe Photoshop.

Soundtracks for scopOphilic have been created by CB Cooke, Anthony Galante (copepod), Kym Serrano, and Jerome Jordan.

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